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Bright Stars' Director
Ms. Ruby
Ms. Ruby is a very passionate early childhood educator and loves to be part of shaping the future of young children.  Before becoming Bright Stars' Director, Ms. Ruby taught in our pre-K classroom and also brings years of experience teaching in other early childhood centers. She is committed to making Bright Stars the best place for kids to spend their day. She is equally devoted to all Bright Stars families and always ensures that the school is meeting parents' needs and expectations.


The Pre-K / Kindergarten Teachers
The Happy Hoppers

Ms. Rochelle and Miss. Erika
Miss Rochelle teaches our PreK and Kindergarten class. Ms. Rochelle brings a wealth of experience teaching in preschools for over 30 years. Ms. Erika co-teaches with Ms. Rochelle and has over 18 years preschool teaching experience.  Ms. Rochelle & Miss. Erika teach a terrific PreK/Kindergarten curriculum that includes math, science, art, and music, as well as a pre-reading curriculum that will get the kids ready to enter Kindergarten and First Grade.  Their creativity, activities, and ability to excite and motivate kids are amazing!


The Three's Teachers
The Monkeys & Pandas

Miss. Daniela & Miss. Cindy Our Three's teachers rank top in the creativity talent charts! Their artistic ability is quite visible when you enter into their classrooms. They teach a fantastic Three's curriculum that includes academics, music, art & craft, and much more fun activities for our little stars!


The Two's Teachers
The Awesome Owls

Miss Morgan and Miss Yvonne
Kids adore Miss Morgan and Miss Yvonne for their warm and loving care! They teach a terrific Two's curriculum that includes colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and lots of fun art and creative projects. Miss Morgan is our opening teacher and comes bright & early at 6:30 in the morning. Miss Yvonne is a whiz at potty-training!


The Toddlers Teachers
The Buzzing Birds

Ms. Catalina and Miss. Amanda
Ms. Catalina and Miss Amanda are very caring and always on top of making sure the kids are loved and cared for. Buzzing Birds do art, singing, story-time, learning shapes, colors, numbers, sign-language, and definitely learning to share and be friends.

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